About me

I have a strong background in sport. I played soccer at semi-professional level in Spain until I started competing in running and cycling. After a while, I discovered triathlon as sport. The curiosity moved me to compete in one race. The satisfaction I had once I crossed the finish line poisoned me. Nowadays I’m still deeply in love with this sport. After few years competing, I started researching in order to find the best training strategies that will help me to improve my level of fitness. Once I finished my degree on Sport Science I jumped on into coaching. I started as a swimming coach, afterward I moved definitively to triathlon.

My philosophy of training is based on the sport science, physiology and technology.

I have experience on coaching athletes using new methodologies such as video analysis, physiological test and technological devices. I have been testing and coaching elite and novice athletes since 2009. In 2010 I became the technical director at the development department at Valencia Triathlon Federation. The summer of 2011 I was part of the coaching staff at the ITU-ETU development Camp. I have also worked at Thame Turbo triathlon team in London and as national coach at Kuwait and Bahrain Triathon Association.

  • Bachelor degree on Physical Education and Sport Sciences
  • Swimming coach level 2.
  • Triathlon coach level 3.
  • Triathlete since 2001
  • Facilitator of the ITU educational program