We just came back from Korea where we have participated at the 6th CSIM World Military Games. This has been one more sport experience under the belt for me. I learnt a lot, these events always give you valuable lessons of life. It’s really nice talking with people from all over the places and share knowledge and experiences with coaches and athletes.

We have been working hard since the last July and I am happy with my team. The goals set were accomplished by those who lined up in Korea.

Sameera AlBitar: She suffered from throat problems since the first day we arrived there. Even though, she gave everything during her race. Good swim with lot of punches in a rough sea, and good bike always staying up with her pack, followed by run where she couldn’t breathe due to the throat problems. The easiest thing would have been to stop, but she showed the class she is made of and finished the race as a champion! I’m really proud of you Sameera. We keep growing.

Hamad Almansoori: Overall it was a good race for him. The non wetsuit swim didn’t play in our favour but he managed to be out of the water in a good group. The bike was hard. Lots of attacks and lack of cooperation in the group made this segment specially though.

Abdulla Attiya: He was one of the youngest athletes in the field. His swim level was improving the last months and we could see it on the race. He managed to stay with the group with some “big boys” and he stood all the attacks and the high pace of the group. Big lesson learned for him. The run wasn’t his best but he gave everything he had.

Salman: He paid the lack of participation and experience in competitions before this event, but overall, it was a good race for him too. Fast swim followed by a bike where he couldn’t find a good group to ride with.

I never judge an athlete performance by the results obtained, there are more factors that matters for me: those factors are the attitude, predisposition, courage, bravery, the capacity to adapt to all the unexpected situations and environments, the professionalism and commitment shown when you carry a country flag in your chest.

I like the athletes who grab the bull by the horns and make it dance. They showed this to me last Saturday, that’s why I’m proud of these 4 guys!

Btw, all they got their Personal Best in Olympic Distance.